Since 1988, Ergorest has been developing ergonomic products with the mission of improving well-being and work efficiency in several fields such as: office work and industrial applications such as data terminals and factory assembly tasks.

Ergonomically designed for :

Provide comfortable forearm support without restricting your movements.
Relieve muscle tension and tension in the neck and shoulders.
Prevent various disorders and diseases.

Easy to install


Lightweight and portable

The key features

1.Adjustable mouse platform ensures that your wrist remains level

2.Black Finish

3.15mm-43mm adjustment G-clamp makes it easy to install ErgoRest to your existing desk top

4.75mm of height adjustment ensures that the wrist(s)can be kept straight & parallel to the mouse platform

5.Smooth & flexible design moves in conjunction with your arm movements

6.Strong & lightweight aluminium construction

7.Leather forearm support provides relief for repetitive strain conditions, neck, shoulder, upper back and wrist pain


Perfect for those working in front of a screen and in the industrial sector, the 330 Series avoids certain health problems at work by helping your body to adopt a good working posture.

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Work without tiring, even in more complex working positions. With its adjustable extension, Series 331 offers an ideal full support to hold your arms higher than the desk surface.

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The Ergorest 350 offers the same benefits as the 330 Series. It is equipped with a mouse pad that allows your wrist to stay in a natural position.

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ESD 338 / ESD 339

If you work in an environment with electrostatic discharges, in the electronics industry or a similar environment, the Ergorest ESD 338 and ESD 339 provides you with effective protection against these discharges. Also, its articulated armrest will always allow you to work in complete comfort

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Color and model options

Customize your ergonomic armrest to suit your working environment. Contact us for more information.

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Scientific studies have shown that Ergorest can significantly reduce muscle tension, irregular blood circulation, numbness and pain. Ergorest also helps to prevent users from developing bursitis, epicondylitis and carpal tunnel symptoms.


1.How are Ergorest accessories installed?

A simple user manual and clearly explained installation of Ergorest accessories is provided with the article.

2.Where are the armrests fixed?

The armrests are to be fixed at the work table for employees in the office environment.

3.Do we have to change tables?

No, it is not necessary to change your table. You just have to adjust it well in relation to your sitting position.

4.Are the armrests bulky?

No, the armrests provide support and easily follow the movements of the arm thanks to their joints.

5.Are the armrests adjustable?

Yes, if someone else is using your desk, you can adjust the armrests easily in a few minutes.

6.What to do if I don’t use a desk?

The 350 series is equipped with a mouse pad, which will allow you to use your mouse at the same level as a table.